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  General information
    dr. Zoltán Nagy
head of office
    dr. Melinda Szibilla Lados
    dr. Tamás Borza
    Tímea Solymosi
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Dr. Zoltán Nagy Law Office was established on 1 January 2003 by the founder who had previously worked as an individual attorney-at-law. Dr. Melinda Szibilla Lados lawyer became Partner in 2009, since then, the Law Office gained the new name and form. Besides dr. Zoltán Nagy and dr. Melinda Szibilla Lados lawyers, the administrating staff and external advisors presently there are a lawyer-candidate, a legal assistant and a secretary working in the Office.

General information on the Office:

Established:2003. (change of name: 2009.)
Bar membership: Budapest Bar, reg. no. 1242
Liability insurance: Insurance and Friendly Society of Hungarian Attorneys-at-Law

The Law Office provides services in the fields listed below:

  • civil law
    • preparation of and consultancy regarding contracts between various business entities and other documents
    • legal representation in trials and other procedures in front of court
    • legal representation in arbitration procedures
  • business law
    • general legal representation of business entities
  • company law
    • establishment and administering the data changes of companies
    • establishment of branch offices and representative offices of foreign companies in Hungary
    • capital increase and capital decrease of companies
    • transformation of companies
    • liquidation of companies
  • associations
    • assistance of the establishment of foundations and associations
  • property law
    • general legal assistance of property investments
    • establishment and legal representation of condominiums
    • assistance of the sales of new residential properties
    • assistance in various other property transactions such as sales, leases, mortgages
    • tract formation

Technical background:

The Office bears all necessary equipment including hardware, software and access to various databases, which are needed for the swift and safe managing of transactions. The Office has various contacts with real estate agencies, firms dealing with the appraisal of real property and tax advisory, and accounting and auditor companies, therefore clients will have wide range of opportunity when selecting the services we might provide to them.

We can guarantee our clients the up-to-date property-registration information by using the Takarnet system, and we can guarantee the companies’ data and the data of the balance-sheet by using the IM-Online system.

The technical equipments in our office and their signed contracts on services make the online registration procedure (of companies) possible, which is timewise and also financially more advantageous than the (conventional) paper-based proceeding.

Dr. Nagy and Partner Law Office - H-1068 Budapest, Városligeti fasor 24. - tel.: +36 1 352-72-90 - fax: +36 1 352-72-89